Become a member


Why become a member of the Academy?

  • To be part of a joint Catalan film project.
  • To add synergies.
  • To represent Catalan film professionals as a collective voice alongside Catalan institutions that regulate the film industry.
  • To vote in the Annual Academy Awards.
  • To attend discussion forums, debates and seminars.
  • To participate in film research projects.
  • To contribute to the internationalisation of Catalan cinema.
  • To decide on subsidies and film policy.


To become a member of the Academy please fill out the form with your details

The contibution to be a member of the Catalan Film Academy is 50 euros per quarter.



Once you have filled out the form, please send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with the sworn declaration below, and a letter of endorsement by two members of the Catalan Film Academy.


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